5 principles of retail POS, think of these as rules that you can abide by as you are going through your POS journey. And it really is a journey it's something you want to spend time and energy on.


Be willing to spend

We are farming, we are watering our mango tree and letting it grow and it takes a while before it fruits. Most people quit too early, most people give up before the magic happens, if you're not willing to invest your never going to make it. You get out what you put in. So don’t quit too early, be willing to spend.


Launch, Analyse, optimise

You’ve got to launch campaigns, you’ve got to analyse results and you’ve got to optimise them to move forward. In other words be willing to test. It's part of that be willing to spend principal previously, but it's actually the work involved. It's not just spending the money, it's actually getting in their launching campaigns, looking at the data and making decisions to move forward. Doing the work, being in it, paying attention, staying present, not just glossing over it and throwing money at retailers. You actually have to be present with your advertising and look at

the data.


Targeting is half the battle

Targeting is half the battle, if you put your ad in front of the wrong person - it’s never going to work. The people you put your ad in front of have to be interested, so targeting is really important.


Creative is the other half of the battle

So it's not just about who you target, but what you put in front of them. It has to engage them, it has to compel them to consume and be interested and ultimately engage with your brand and product on the POS.


Optimise the funnel first

If you’re going to spend money to send traffic to your POS, make sure it's set up so they are actually able to consume, see what you have and take action. 

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