MyPlayer hardware & OS is designed and built for retail, see how it compares to a consumer device below.

MyPlayer Solution

Consumer Solution

Integrated Battery

Retailer guidelines are starting to reject devices with batteries.

MyPlayer solutions do not have

integrated batteries.

Shipping products with batteries is an issue for customs.

Battery life is calculated based on the number of charge cycles. If on charge 24/7, this will dramatically reduce the shelf life of

the product.

Batteries can fail in the long term - Expansion of lithium batteries due to constant charging can causes device to break, or even cause a

fire hazard.

With an integrated battery, the device will never re-boot causing the system and customer experience to slow and deteriorate over time.

MyPlayer solutions re-boot everyday during closing hours to ensure its running super fast for every customer.

Batteries all contain toxic or corrosive materials. Some batteries contain toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead and lithium, which become hazardous waste and pose threats to health and the environment if improperly disposed.


Product cost is generally higher.

MyPlayer has a large range of media players and screens to meet your budget.

Stability & Availability

Consumer devices change models and ranges quickly, making it sometimes impossible to get a replacement in the event of damage or further rollouts. This can mean POS re-designs to accommodate a new model.

MyPlayer supports its products for up to 3 years, ensuring you can always re-order products when required.

Consumer device software gets automatically updated. These updates can cause instability to the experience in store. In most cases you cannot disable these. Additional costs for redevelopment or site visits can be costly post rollout.

MyPlayer OS ensures we stay in control of the software running on your device. No updates are performed without fully testing 

your experience.

Data Cost

Uncontrollable data usage from 3rd party apps and native operating systems, such as auto system & app updates. These can create large data bills.

MyPlayer OS ensures we stay in control of your data consumption. Software updates are only pushed when required or requested to improve your customer experience.


Wi-Fi connections are unstable, with no hard wired LAN cable available. A dedicated app to manage connectivity is then required to ensure it stays connected & online.

All MyPlayer solutions have hard wired LAN connection ensuring the most robust connection to instore networks or 4G routers.

Some retailers restrict WiFi networks being broadcast in-store, as this affects their internal systems e.g. payment systems.

MyPlayer OS can disable Wi-Fi if required by the retailer.


Development costs are much higher to build an app from scratch to solve all the

above problems.

The MyPlayer OS is designed for retail and creates the backbone to your experience. So you can focus your time and budget on your product story  and customer journey - not technical issues.


Typical consumer based products such as iPhones and Samsung devices are designed for user driven operation, not self managed. The operating system, apps and general upkeep of this type of hardware will require some user support to trigger actions and resolve issues. In cases where you are managing your own staff closely which are well trained, this direction can be very successful and a great option for a small business. But for self managed and large scale use these are not advised due to the complexity.

MyPlayer OS maintains itself, it does not require staff instore to maintain it. Furthermore with MyAssistant our tech team can remotely login to your displays to resolve any issues that arise. Save time and gain more sales with a reliable, maintained display.

Power on and off button - This is a manual process. If the device is off - it will stay off. When a store closes the device will stay on throughout the night due to the integrated battery, many retailers guidelines do not allow this. If the device has no battery charge, then this may result in the device staying off even when on charge again.

Auto power on and off when no power is detected. So when the store is closed the device powers down and when a store opens the following day, the device powers on. This also auto runs the correct customer experience. This is beneficial for device life, the environment and will be in compliance with retailer guidelines.

Hard reset - It's possible to hard reset any consumer based product by pressing a number of physical buttons. This will completely wipe any systems settings and installed apps.

MyPlayer OS is locked and protected. Along with no physical hard reset functions.

Installation / fixture

No mounting points or security. Third party holders and security attachments required which will increase the cost of the display.

Integrated VESA mounts for ease of installation and security

High value products that are known to the consumer are desirable and create a high risk of theft.

No consumer value, no thefts!

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