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Bespoke project with Michael Kors

Michael Kors

The smartwatch interactive display was designed to allow customers to browse the features, benefits and accessories available on the Micheal Kors watches.

The solution has been installed in over 800 stores worldwide. To provide the best possible experience the experience is available in 7 languages.



The custom built interactive display is designed to personalise the shopping experience. Customers can learn about features with animated demos and customise watches via the touchscreen display.

Bespoke project with Guess
Bespoke project with TomTom Sports

TomTom Sports

MyPlayer designed a unique and engaging interactive experience that made use of both a touch screen tablet and push button technology. Customers are presented with the product line and a corresponding button on each product. Once pushed, the tablet comes to life with a display experience specifically designed for that watch type.


The winners of the POPAI UK and Ireland Awards 2017.

A 32” WiFi enabled display powered by MyPlayer is inserted into the front face, designed to maximise customer impact. 

Bespoke project with Garmin
Bespoke project with Hive


MyPlayer delivers an interactive display which simulates the Hive experience. This is used to promote purchasing and give access to the information on the key selling points which traditionally would have been missed. MyPlayer helps address common customers questions and benefits regarding connected home technology, which helps inspires emotional buy-in.


RE Camera

MyPlayer app provides the digital interactive experience. Customers can touch the screen and jump into the action by seeing through the live viewfinder on the tablet display. 
Features include: Capture photos and videos via the interactive display, cleans memory card after each customer journey and looping video when idle to attract new customers

Bespoke project with HTC RE
Bespoke project with TomTom Drive

TomTom Drive

The customer facing interactive displays are powered by our MyPlayer application. MyPlayer is a platform for brands to build and manage interactive content to increase sales by improving engagement and customer experience.

Sat Nav


MyPlayer demonstrates to Samsung’s customers how the Smart Switch app can transfer all your important content safely and simply. Seamlessly plays video presentation across 3 different devices. The video fly’s photos, contacts and apps from the Apple iPhone onto the Samsung tablet and finally across to the Samsung Galaxy 7. 

Bespoke project with Samsung
Bespoke project with Samsung


Samsung has created branded window displays at nine John Lewis branches to support the launch of its new WW9000 washing machine. Helping to showcase Samsung’s product features, MyPlayer software provides an non interactive informative displays.

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