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Be Connected

MyConnect service adds 4G connectivity to your Point of Purchase (POP) unit. Perfect for exhibitions, pop-ups & retail installations.

MyPlayer - MyConnect: showing an existing setup with 4G connectivity

App Eco System

Our applications are most powerful when connected to MyPlayer's Cloud. MyConnect provides a reliable connection, that can be remotely managed to ensure you stay in control of your Data, Bills and Sims.

MyPlayer - MyConnect: illustration shocasing the potencial compatibility when having a 4G connection.


Data Plan

We provide tailored data plans to fit your requirements. 


Whether you're planning to use the connection for compliance monitoring, customer tracking or content management, we can help select the best data plan for you.


MyConnect is flexible, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade data plans no matter the stage of the rollout.

MyPlayer - MyConnect: illustrating that you can adjust the data plan to fit your requirements, i.e use for tracking, just for content or for monitoring
MyPlayer - MyConnect: showing it's easy to add more simcards to the project

Instant Scalability

Increase coverage anytime by adding additional units on-demand. MyConnect makes it easy to activate and assign data plans to a sim or a group of sims. 

Control & Visibility

The simple to use online dashboard provides control and visibility to all your POP’s connectivity. Get a summary report with a single click, leaving you more time to focus on more important things.


When combined with our cloud platform MyProjects, your field team have the information they need to identify the POPs that need them most. 

MyPlayer - MyConnect: showing an illustration of the dashboad UI
MyPlayer - MyConnect: illustration of a shield protecting the 4G simcard to illustrate it's security features



Setting data limits, usage alerts, blacklisting websites & sim cards are just some of the security benefits of MyConnect. 


These features ensure your data & sim cards are safe, and your bills are under control.

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