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MyPlayer Headphones

Audio Demonstrations that Sell

Benefits At a Glance

We’ve invested a lot of resources into the R&D of MyPlayer Headphones so you don’t have to. Saving you time & money on development

Save Money On Development

Save Time On Implementation

We’ve developed MyPlayer Headphones to be retail compliant. Simply integrate into furniture design or drop on top of the existing display. Eliminating the time consuming process of constant iterations to fit retail requirements.

MyPlayer Headphones is a self contained unit. The casing houses all the required hardware - no more exposed PCBs and complex wiring. Greatly reduce the complexity of installation & failures in the field.

Easy to Install

& Maintain

A Personalised Experience

Customers like to have options; the HD touch display provides just that by allowing them to tailor their own listening experience, a simple UI that puts the control right at their fingertips. Attract and improve sales with reviews, promotions, technical data, and much more.

Expansive Sound

Show off the true potential of your headphones with MyPlayer Headphones' digital-to-analogue converter (DAC). It reproduces crisp stereo sound from the original source, providing a realistic sound stage and booming bass lines, while supporting most popular media formats.

Retail Headphone Demonstration
Retail headphone demonstration

Customer Line-In

Make it even more personal with line-in options, customer can enjoy their own collection of music via bluetooth or audio cable.

Dynamic EQ Controls

Refine the fidelity of the audio source to complement your products with our built in EQ controls. We'll fine tune the audio for deeper bass, higher highs and brighter mid range. We strive to make your products sound their best.

Retail Headphone Demonstration


We can work with your current furniture design. MyPlayer Headphones solution can be seamlessly integrated into the display.


Alternatively an all-in-one SmartPOP enclosure is also available as a cost effective quick deployment solution.

Retail Headphone Demonstration
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