The Challenge

POP's Are Expensive

It's very expensive to develop tailored solutions to demonstrate your lastest products.


That's why MyPlayer Is a platform.


Designed specifically to meet the retail challenges of demonstrating products



MyPlayer makes your budget go further with off the shelf apps that you can mix and match to create your perfect POP. 

Time Consuming to Develop

Developing tailored solutions is complicated, extremely time consuming and expensive to manage.


Custom development can lead to untested solutions being deployed, resulting in costly maintenance issues in the field.


Hidden development costs that haven't been budgeted for can lead to delays and, in some cases, projects never coming to fruition.


MyPlayer removes these risks by using tried and tested apps that have been installed in thousands of locations. 

Hard to Update

Updating POP's with the latest offers, product information and pricing is expensive. Usually this requires sending a maintenance team to each store.


Every store update can cost £100's, and can take months to complete.


That's why MyPlayer can be updated remotely from your web browser in the office.


With updates costing a fraction, you can always keep your displays up to date. 

Difficult to Calculate ROI

Traditional POP solutions provide no data on how well they performed in-store. This makes it hard to justify budgets and to know how to improve on the next project.


Thats why MyPlayer sends you analytics reports on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis so you know exactly how well your displays

are performing. 


With your POP's deployed all across the globe, It's impossible to know that your displays are performing correctly.


That's why MyPlayer has a built-in monitoring tool. From any web browser you can check in on your displays.


This information can provide huge improvements in in-store maintenance. 

Expensive Store Visits

If a maintenance issue arises in-store It can take a long time to book in a maintenance visit. While this is taking place your customers are having a bad brand experience in-store leading to reduced sales.


That's why MyPlayer provides remote assistance. Our team of professional engineers can log into any of your POPs, and resolve the issue remotely.


Faster response time, less costs! 

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