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Denon - Soundbar Wall

Introducing #Denon's sound bar solutions. As flat panel TVs get thinner and thinner, so does their sound quality. Denon's sound bars deliver rich, enveloping sound.

In collaboration with Denon, our team here at MyPlayer provided an end-to-end solution. From design and manufacture of the display, to creating the digital user interface and hardware to power it.

We took this idea, developed and delivered it to 165 DixonsCarphone stores with our installation team within 8 weeks. All managed by our dedicated project team - an amazing example of what we can do!

We wanted to build a POP display that was simple and clean allowing the products to stand out from their surrounding environment. The display elevates the sound bars above other brands. The integrated Smart LED lights were incorporated into the design, to serve both as a visual magnet and product identification. The LED lights highlight the product that is currently being promoted on the interactive screen when not in use, to attract attention. Once interacted with, it lights up the individual sound bar / sub combo to help identify the product for easy comparison.

In conjunction with the point of purchase display we've also crafted the interactive experience. It's rich in audio and visuals with a UI thats easy to understand, insuring any customer is only one interaction away from hearing the products. For easy comparison we've made it simple to switch between the different sound bar setups while providing a small, yet focused selection of media content ranging from films, music and product videos to make the experience even more personal. While listening to the products, customers are encouraged to learn more about them with our dedicated More Info page, highlighting the key product features.

Thanks to our MyConnect 4G service, customer learning, monitoring and remote content delivery is all made possible.

UPDATE : Winners of two Gold POPAI awards. Best in CE and best overall display for 2020. See here: 2020 POPAI Retail Awards
UPDATE: DENON HOME speakers add: See here
UPDATE: MYQR Software update: See here

Hands-on video

Interactive Content


  • LED lights to illuminate selected product

  • LED lights sync up with the Attractor (looping video) to illuminate the product that's currently being promoted on screen.

  • Switching audio between the different sound bar/ sub combos

  • Full sound bar controls

  • Different types of content available such as films, music and product videos

  • Dedicated learn more and comparison pages

  • Automatic resuming looping product video after inactivity

  • Automatic volume reset after each customer

  • Data collection and analytics with MyAnalyser

  • Compliance monitoring with MyMonitor

  • Remote (online) content update with MyContent

  • 4G internet connectivity with MyConnect

Services Provided

  • Project Management

  • Conceptual / Visualisation

  • Hardware / Software development

  • Prototyping / Iterations

  • GA Drawings

  • Manufacturing

  • Installation

  • Data reporting

POP Design Development

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