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Panasonic - Soundbar Wall

In collaboration with #Panasonic, our team here at MyPlayer provided an end-to-end solution. From design and manufacture of the display, to creating the digital user interface and hardware to power it.

We started out this project wanting to build a display that would resemble a living room space. A design that would standout from the competitors with a softer, more homely feel. The TV & media cabinet is at the centre of the design, perfect for the sound bars to sit on. The large 21" Touchscreen represents the TV in the living room. This design allows customers to visualise the product in their own home, helping them with their purchase decision.

Angled Soundbars

A unique feature of this Active display is the angle at which the sound bars sit, subtly angled upwards. This ensures customers that are standing in front of the touch screen will get the best possible sound by directing the tweeters towards their ears. Why not experience it for yourself at the many Currys PC World stores.

Interactive Experience

In conjunction with the point of purchase display we've also crafted the interactive experience. It's rich in sound and visuals while keeping the UI as accessible as possible, insuring any customer is only one interaction away from hearing the products. For easy comparison we've made it simple to switch between the different sound bar setups while providing a small, yet focused selection of media content ranging from Dolby Atmos video, to TV shows, music and gaming. While listening to the products, customers are encouraged to learn more about the products with our dedicated More Info page, highlighting the key product features.


  • Angled sound bar stand for maximum audio impact

  • Custom display cabinet

  • Switching audio between the different sound bar / sub combos

  • Dolby Atmos compatible

  • Full sound bar controls

  • Different types of content available such as Dolby Atmos, TV showa, music and gaming

  • Dedicated learn more and comparison pages

  • Automatic resuming looping product video after inactivity

  • Automatic volume reset after each customer

Services Provided

  • Project Management

  • Conceptual / Visualisation

  • Hardware / Software development

  • Prototyping / Iterations

  • GA Drawings

  • Manufacturing

  • Installation

Interactive Content

POP Design Development

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