Soundbar Demonstrations that Sell


Give your customers the controls that they crave: to be able to demo and experience soundbars with the ability to switch between them for easy comparison. MyPlayer platform support multiple control interfaces to provide the right experience for your brand, such as: touchscreen, push button and our innovative dial controller; this provides the flexibility to fit many display types and budgets. 


Audio quality and technology is central to creating an immersive demo experience that leave long lasting impression, this is why MyPlayer supports the latest audio technology such as Dolby Atmos and will continue to develop our platform to be compatible with future technology. What speaks louder than a product that can sell itself?  

Playful Digital Experience

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MyPlayer is the only point of purchase platform built around "plug n play" apps, that together create completely unique branded experiences. Combine all our apps together such as touch, video, audio, pick-up & vision sensors to create your perfect customer journey.

Enhanced Interactivity

Add MyVsion to automatically engaging customers with audio while track footfall, views and dwell time.

Customer Leaning

Add MyAnalyser to enable the use of data to improve in-store marketing, training, and sales with.

More Great Apps

Our versatile collection of apps & sensors offer you flexibility to create unique shopper experiences, that are cost-effective to create and implement. 

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