MyPlayer Multi-room

Multi-room Demonstrations Made Simple


Benefits At a Glance

Great Experience, Increase Sales

We’ve developed MyPlayer Multiroom to provide the best customer experience to help maximises ROI without the need of a sales associate. Don’t loose sales because customers can’t test the speakers and the multi-room technology.

MyPlayer Multi-room is retail ready straight out the box! Our solutions have been designed to withstand the harsh retail environment, and

our team of experts are available to help out whenever you need.

Easy to Install

& Maintain

We’ve worked alongside our partners to build MyPlayer Multiroom to support the most popular smart audio and multi-room technologies. Saving you time and money on development.

Save Money On Development

MyPlayer Multi-room supports all major multi-room technology from big brand names.

A proven solution that’s installed on over 2000+ SmartPOP displays globally.  

Experiences that

Can’t be Replicated

MyPlayer Multi-room provides a platform to create rich interactive experiences. From playing high resolution music, to seamlessly connecting multiple speakers. All while rich branded visuals, informative product information, products reviews, promotions can increase your sales opportunity. An experience that can’t be replicated online. Increase sales with a better in-store experience.

Hearing is believing


The Multiroom

MyPlayer makes multi room technology easy to understand. Select multiple speakers to hear seamless audio from all selected speakers, it’s that easy. A wide selection of music, all in High Resolution ensures every customer gets a personalised experience.

The Digital Advertisement Display

Go further and take advantage of the display by turning it into a digital advertisement panel, showcasing your products USP's, promotional offers and much more... 

Total Control



Allow users to seamlessly switch between speakers for easy comparison.



Allow users to group speakers and sync them together to experience the multi-room set-up.



MyPlayer can take direct control over the speakers without requiring any custom speaker firmware/ settings.


Power On

Speakers are always ready to play music without requiring them switched on 24/7.


Play Music

MyPlayer automatically plays music on interaction to create a great first impression.



Fine tune the experience by setting default volumes, input source and more...

Min / Max


Fine tune the individual speakers min & max volumes to make it perfect for any store environment. 

Auto Reset After Each Customers

Automatically resets the system for each new customer, ensuring an optimum experience.



We can work with your current furniture design. MyPlayer Multi-room solution can be seamlessly integrated into the display.


Alternatively an all-in-one SmartPOP enclosure is also available as a cost effective quick deployment solution.

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