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All-in-one retail demonstration unit that turns any TV into an Active Display.

MyTV secures to the back of any TV by using the existing wall mounting fixture points (VESA), without the need for custom furniture and fittings. Easily transform your TVs on display into live interactive experiences allowing customers to demo the TV without the need for a member of staff.  

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MyTV connected a TV in the retai space to showcase the capability of the soluion - turns any TV into a live Active Display

Universal mounting

Compatible with all TVs.

MyTV mounts onto the back of any TV by using the existing VESA. This means whether you are a retailer or a brand, MyTV is already compatible with all TVs and can fit into stores with mixed branded in-runs, or dedicated in-store displays.

MyTV can be easily mounted to the back of any TV using existing VESA mount.

Electronics integrated into housing

Electronics integrated into housing

MyTV's arm can be adjusted to fi any size TVs

Adjustable arm 

Fits TVs from 40" to 65".

​With the extendable arm​, adjustable height and ​large range of VESA mounts; MyTV can be perfectly ​suited ​to any TV​ model to create a rich customer experience.​


Ease of installation

It only takes 1 person to transport and install.

The flat pack nature of the design means MyTV can be transported and installed by only ​1 person​ in 3 simple steps, saving time and money. ​​As MyTV doesn't integrate ​within the store furniture​,​ it can be quickly be removed and redeployed​ - ​making it perfect for short promotions​ ​as well as long term campaigns.


Easily accessible.

A customer focused design. Traditionally the TV demonstration consists of only a TV remote which can be too complicated and then misplaced, or an integrated button solution which is too low and uncomfortable for a customer. MyTV is better ergonomically, creating an experience which is designed to increase engagement, dwell time and sales.

MyTV is designed to be consistent and works great in a store eviroment
Showing the performace power of MyTV.


Smooth 4K video playback.

MyTV comes with a Quad-Core processor and 2GB of RAM to ensure the smoothest experiences. But it comes into its own when connected with the latest TV models; Delivering performance directly from the TV's intelligent processor displaying high-quality motion, colour and contrast. Supporting a wide range of formats with no compromise including Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10+ and more! MyTV is ready for your TV.


*Dependent on TV and soundbar....

MyTV comes with smart buttons that react to every press.

Smart Control

Dynamic smart push buttons.

​MyTV comes with Smart Push buttons that react to your customer’s every press. The ​intelligent LED lighting​ and subtle design flashes​ ​patterns ​to grab attention​, and then​ ​reacts to interactions, guiding the customer through their experience.


The buttons ​are made from high quality materials delivering ​durability​ ​for any retail environment. Each press has a satisfying audible  feedback​ ‘click’ and light response​.


Push / Lift





Quick and easy replaceable magnetic graphic.

Expand and upgrade the look of MyTV. Whether you're adding more content, features, promotions or even a companion Soundbar, MyTV is a fully flexible solution for long term ROI

and future proofing.


*Brand shown is for illustration purpose only


Branding and promotional opportunities.

Customisable POS panels can be easily attached to the side of MyTV by any staff member or promotor to make additional impact. Great for showcasing benefits, cross selling, offers and tailoring to the seasons.

Example shapes:

Showing how easy it is to replace the OS on MyTV

Operating System

Repurpose and reuse.

At the core of MyTV is our custom Operating System (OS), this defines the functionality of your display and your customers' experience. Update your existing experience or repurpose it for future TV models by simply swapping out the OS card.

MyTV is designed to stay cool 24/7

Built for 24/7

Auto power up on store opening.

Strong exterior, superior ventilation, auto power up on store opening, auto reset after each customer demo and a OS designed for store environments; MyTV is ready for retail and built to last.

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