All-in-one soundbar demonstration unit.

MySoundbar+ is a small yet powerful demonstration unit that’s designed to showcase multiple soundbars through a combination of robust hardware and smart software platform. MySoundbar+ makes it easy for customers to listen and compare between the different products while in-store, giving them full control whether it’s via our smart push buttons or a touch display.

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Universal mounting

Compatible with all TVs.

MyTV mounts onto the back of any TV by using the existing VESA. This means whether you are a retailer or a brand, MyTV is already compatible with all TVs and can fit into stores with mixed branded in-runs, or dedicated in-store displays.



Instant impact. Up to 6 soundbars.

MySoundbar+ simplifies ‘try before you buy’ by allowing customers to instantly activate the product and switch between up to a total of 6 products for ease of comparison. What’s more, it's easy to set up, integrate into a display and maintain. Resulting in a fast to market solution that increases sales.

Audio Fidelity

Supports the latest audio technology.

MySoundbar+ allows you to experience superior sound quality. Engineered with high spec components for cleaner audio data transmission. The 6 Toslink digital optical connections transmit the higher bandwidth signals demanded by today's market, delivering two channels of uncompressed lossless PCM audio or compressed 5.1/7.1 surround sound such as Dolby Digital or DTS Surround System.

Smart Control

Dynamic smart push buttons.

​MySoundbar+ comes with Smart Push buttons that react to your customer’s every press. The ​intelligent LED lighting​ and subtle design flashes​ ​patterns ​to grab attention​, and then​ ​reacts to interactions, guiding the customer through their experience.


The buttons ​are made from high quality materials delivering ​durability​ ​for any retail environment. Each press has a satisfying audible  feedback​ ‘click’ and light response​.


Push / Lift



Touch Control

Enhanced user experience.

Connect a touch display and up the game by providing a whole new way to experience a soundbar in-store. Showcase fully interactive content with intuitive UI for richer videos, brand stories, lifestyle imagery, product information, compare charts and so much more.

Smart Control + Display

Limitless interactions.

MySoundbar+’s smart push buttons work in conjunction with any HDMI display.  Attract footfall with punchy video content, showcase movies, sport, gaming, music and learn more via product videos.


lighting that enhances your POP.

Lighting that attracts customers and helps the customer focus on what’s important. Light up the product that’s playing music, change brightness to show max volume, change colour to illuminate the products features, or just stand out from the crowd with the impressive array of colours to personalise your POP.

Customer Line-In

A personal touch.

Take your demonstration one step further by allowing customers to listen to their own content. Compatible with smartphones or even a secondary source e.g. TV, store media source and Blu-ray player.

Operating System

Repurpose and reuse.

At the core of MySoundbar+ is our custom Operating System (OS), this defines the functionality of your display and your customers’ experience. Update your existing experience or repurpose it for future TV models by simply swapping out the OS card.

Built for 24/7

Auto power up on store opening.

Strong exterior, superior ventilation, auto power up on store opening, auto reset after each customer demo and a OS designed for store environments; MySoundbar+ is ready for retail and built to last.

MyPlayer Platform

Apps that are tried and tested in thousands of locations.

MyPlayer is the only point of purchase platform built around "plug n play" apps that come together to create completely unique in-store experiences. Combined with cloud based services for remote content updates, maintenance and customer data we can offer a reliable package that is proven to increase sales and deliver ROI.












  • Data analytics, online content updates, online management


USB 2.0

  • Automatic offline content update


Digital Optical

  • Connect up to 6 soundbars


Button Board

  • Connections for up to 24 smart push buttons



  • Auto power up on store opening


HDMI Output

  • Output visuals to an external display


3.5 Line-in

  • Customer line-in


Digital Optical Output

Customer Line-In

Push Button Compatible

Touch Screen Compatible





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