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Retail lighting solution that’s light years ahead.

MyLight is an easy to add-on solution that enhances any MyPlayer product with smart dynamic lighting. Bring a new dimension to your design briefs by lighting up your displays. Create the right atmosphere to match your branding, highlight products to help focus on what’s important, or make an impact to help attract customers. With up to 8 lights, each with an array of colours and brightnesses, it's fully programmable to bring your vision to life. 


Ease of integration

Simple to set up and install.

Add a smart lighting solution to your display by connecting MyLight to any of our MyPlayer products via a single cable. Then connect to any of the 8 lighting outputs to create your desired experience.

Visual Attraction

Clever lighting.

MyLight takes attracting customers to a new level. Activate targeted lighting by illuminating products based on the audio / visual content, or create a ‘call to action’ with engaging patterns.


Customer Engagement

Reactive lighting.

Select a product to demo and MyLights can highlight that product to help complete the story. Whether it's to help guide a customer to the right product on the display or to help distinguish the correct product playing audio during a demonstration. MyLight adds value to the experience and to the ROI.






Product Learning

Helpful lighting.

MyLight is a dynamic lighting solution that moves and changes along with customers' interactions to help guide them through their experience. Adjusting lighting position, colours and brightness to assist in product learning and ensure the right brand message is delivered.



Set the mood at the right time.

With smart programmable lighting, MyLight creates the perfect ambiance.
Set different colours and intensity of light to suit the in-store lighting conditions or to complement the latest blockbuster. Change your lighting throughout the year to match the seasons, or even the time of day.


4096 colours. 256 degrees of brightness.

MyLight features an impressive array of colours which can be mixed and matched to produce 4096 different ways to truly make any display standout. Offering smooth fades and flicker-free operation creating high-resolution blend effects and smoother colour gradients compared to standard LED display lighting.  


Light panel

Spot light

Light strip

Lighting Type

Limitless integration options.

MyLight works with different forms of lighting such as spot lights, light strips, bulbs and light panels. This enables a wide range of use cases to suit all types of retail displays, expo booths and shop windows.



Works alongside any MyPlayer Product.

Thanks to the MyPlayer platform and it’s ecosystem, MyLight is compatible with all of our products. Adding smart lighting solutions to existing displays has

never been easier. 


Built for 24/7

Auto power up on store opening.

Strong exterior and superior ventilation, MyLight is built to last.



USB Connection

  • Connection to any MyPlayer product.


Lighting Connections

  • Interface with up to 8 lights.



  • Auto power up on store opening.





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