Forget messy, unreliable cables and switch to MyBluetooth, the next generation of customer line-in demonstration

MyBluetooth is the first product that seamlessly enables customers to enjoy a personalised music experience in store with your products.

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Universal mounting

Compatible with all TVs.

MyTV mounts onto the back of any TV by using the existing VESA. This means whether you are a retailer or a brand, MyTV is already compatible with all TVs and can fit into stores with mixed branded in-runs, or dedicated in-store displays.


Easy to connect. Incredibly clear sound.

Interactive displays with a predefined selection of music tracks is a great way to enable customers to demo products in store. MyBluetooth enhances this experience by providing customers an easy way to connect any smartphone or tablet to stream their own music in pure, incredibly clear sound.


High quality components. Rock solid connectivity.

Using the latest Bluetooth APTX  technology from Qualcomm and integrated powerful antenna, MyBluetooth ensures rock solid, high quality music streaming even in the busiest of store environments. Incredibly low audio processing latency means customers can even stream Movies and Tv Shows without any lip syncing issues.


Multiple connection types.

Featuring 2 output connections, MyBluetooth works with headphones and speakers via a 3.5mm connection and soundbars over optical.

Working Modes

Solo Mode. Multi-product mode.

MyBluetooth can work as a standalone solution or can be connected to our MySound range to create the most powerful multi-product experience on the market.

Connect up to 8 headphones or speakers.

Connect up to 6 soundbars.

MyBluetooth Solo Mode

Multi-product Mode


When attached to the MySound products, customers can play their own music and select which product they’d like to stream it to - perfect for displays with multiple products.

Touch Control

Enhanced user experience.

Enhance the experience even further using a touchscreen display with on-screen music controls, product selection, product information, accessories and so much more.

A new milestone

Personalised audio experiences in store.

Can’t break cables - less maintenance / running cost - store visits and replacement cables from direct us by customers. MyBluetooth is a wireless solution, no need to add cables.

No existing Apple Certified splitter line-in cable - When Apple updates the OS non certified cables can become unsupporting. MyBluetooth uses the latest bluetooth certified technology, supporting all models including apple.

Keep it clean - today's market requires support for 3.5, Type-C and Lightning connections, meaning lots of cable of display. MyBluetooth only required 1 button for customer interaction.

Future Proof - New devices are using less physical connections removing 3.5 jacks and using wireless charging. Be ready for today and future devices with MyBluetooth Solution







USB Connection

  • Power by USB

  • Connection to any MyPlayer product


Digital Optical

  • Connect to soundbars


3.5 Audio

  • Connect to speakers, headphones and much more



  • Bluetooth range extender


Physical Cable

Wireless Connection

Android Compatible

iOS Compatible*

Future Proof

*There's currently no Apple Certified splitter line-in cable on the market, so when Apple updates the OS non certified cables can become unsupported.

Standard Line-In


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