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The best place to create, collaborate and manage your digital point of purchase displays.


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MyProjects is the hub for your digital point of purchase (POP) displays.

A cloud solution that stores your in-store media, manages your devices,

lets you know how they are doing and allows you to get to know your customers.


Less store visits for maintenance


Content that can be updated at the push of a button


Analytics that can improve displays and drive sales

​Seamless Integration

MyProjects is built into every MyPlayer device.

Any device you purchase from MyPlayer seamlessly integrates with our cloud services. Just sign in on any device with your secure project code and you’ll be ready in minutes.


On the Go Collaboration

A cloud based solution.

MyProjects stores a backup of all your digital in-store content in the cloud. That means all your content is safe, up-to-date and available

wherever you are.

Preview all your in-store content anywhere at any time. Send messages and track updates via the Activity Panel, and approve content before it’s played in store.

Invite your team into your project so you can collaborate in real time to get the job done faster.


Team Play

MyProjects makes it fast and easy to work with others from anywhere.

Just send a private link and they’ll get instant access to your

chosen project.

You control whether they can view, share or edit information from your project, and you can change these settings at any time.


Anyone can participate since it works across mobile and desktop devices.

Keep On Messaging

Reach every member of your team.

With built in chat, MyProjects is the only tool you'd need to communicate better with your team. Bringing everyone together to get the job done faster.


Peace of Mind

MyProjects automatically backs up your media.

If a device is lost or stolen, or you're simply rolling out more sites you’ll have all the things that matter without missing a sale. It’s simple to create a new device with all the apps, media, settings and configurations. Just add the project code and you’ll be ready within minutes*.

*Subject to internet connection speeds and content size


Flexible Storage Plan

Everything included to get you started.

Each project comes with 1GB free storage to get started, and it’s easy to upgrade at any time. Your apps, notes and settings don’t count towards your storage space, so you need it just for the content your customers see in-store.



Good for safely storing simple interactive experiences with minimal imagery and videos.


Most Popular


Recommended for storing HD videos and High Resolution imagery.


Lots of Photos & Videos


Enough storage for a range of 4K content.



Easy Management

A commanding view.

MyProjects keeps everything organised, with each POP project stored in a virtual folder. It’s easy to know how many displays you have in store, where they are, and whether they are working and playing the latest experience.


Real Time Media

MyProjects makes previewing and approving media easy.

Preview content as if you were in-store with only your PC. Update content and devices with a simple click.

Get real-time progress updates as content is deployed across your displays.

Share your content with your team and retailers to get approval. Click and you’ve gone live in thousands of stores.


Omnichannel Experience

On-customer-device demonstration with MyQR.

MyQR codes are automatically created for each project, allowing you to bring the experience to your customers mobile.


Customer Learning

Use data to improve in-store marketing, training, and sales.

See trends from in-store. Understand what is generating engagement through the interaction of product, content, and features.


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