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An all-in-one retail demonstration unit with intuitive dial controller.​

MyDial is a small form factor demonstration unit that packs a lot of features both in hardware and software. The dial controller simplifies navigation and interaction to help focus only on the product's key selling points. Thanks to our platform, it’s also easy to update and swap out functionality to use on different displays. MyDial is a flexible option that can be repurposed and reused time and time again.

Press the dial to play

Customers can engage and start their experience by pressing on the dial.

Customers can tailor their own experience by rotating the dial to adjust the volume.

Rotate the dial to adjust volume

Rotate the dial to navigate

Customers can explore the available media by rotating the dial left or right when it's connected to an external display.



Designed to be easily integrated into new or existing display furniture. 

The small form factor and accessible mounting points ensure MyDial is quick to deploy and flexible to work across multiple display designs.


*Brand shown is for illustration purpose only

On Brand

Customisable dial design.

Colour, design and laser engraving options available to make sure you standout and stay on brand.

*Brand shown is for illustration purpose only

Add a Display

Enhance the experience with visual feedback.

MyDial works great by itself but even better if connected to an external HDMI display. Showcase richer branding materials, album artwork, videos, volume levels and so much more. 


Small form factor that pack a big punch

MyDial comes with a Quad-Core processor to power even the most demanding experiences, while the 2GB of RAM provides the flexibility needed for any interactive experience.

Visual Performance

Built for spectacular visuals, MyDial's powerful integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) ensures smooth high-quality media playback even when playing UHD videos.

HD Audio

Built for great audio, MyDial's HD audio codec supports up to 24-bit/192kHz audio to ensure your product can sound its best.

Built for 24/7

Auto power up on store opening.

Strong exterior and superior ventilation, MyDial is built to last.

Operating System

Repurpose and reuse.

At the core of MyDial is our custom Operating System (OS), this defines the functionality of your display and your customers' experience. Update your existing experience or repurpose it for future displays by simply swapping out the OS card.

MyPlayer platform

Apps that are tried and tested in thousands of locations.

MyPlayer is the only point of purchase platform built around "plug n play" apps that come together to create completely unique in-store experiences. Combined with cloud based services for remote content updates, maintenance and customer data we can offer a reliable package that is proven to increase sales and deliver ROI.









  • Auto power up on store opening


HDMI Output

  • Output visuals to an external display

  • Output audio to a soundbar.



  • Data analytics, online content update, online management


USB 2.0

  • Automatic offline content update

  • Control and provide USB audio to compatible devices

  • Power and charge devices


3.5 Audio

  • Output audio to devices with standard 3.5 audio connection.

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