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A new era for TV demonstrations in-store

MyPlayer TV creates a retail ready showcase of high quality media to demonstrate the power of premium TVs and Soundbars at the point of purchase. A dynamic integration of hardware and software gives customers control over a selection of content, supporting 4K HDR videos and 3D sound with Dolby Atmos.

A Personalised Experience

MyPlayer TV eliminates the monotonous content typically found playing on every display TV in-store. Instead, attract customers with captivating media, promotional offers and a call to action. Engage your customers by presenting a dynamic range of content that’s been strategically designed to show off the specific key features of your TV.

HD / UHD Videos

Show off the TV’s powerful processors that upscales HD video to UHD 4K.


Fast paced movement to show off silky smooth refresh rate of the TV.


Diverse content that benefits from great display contrast, dynamic range and high refresh rate.

Outstanding Picture Quality

MyPlayer TV delivers crystal clear, detailed images in smooth UHD 4K playback and the hardware/software integration allows for a wide range of media formats to be supported. Present only the best quality possible.  


Supports 4K

UHD H.265


Supports HDR10 /

12bit colour

HDMI 2.0


The simple and clear UI allows customers to jump straight into the experiences that matter most to them. Controlled by tactile buttons that mimic the experience of using a TV remote control.  

Intuitive UI

An example of the control layout. 

Tactile Controls

Configure the button layout to your choosing and easily integrate it into any display design. The tactile push buttons utilise a robust and durable construction, designed to increase longevity. Let customers take control and allow them to form their own experience, all around your brand.  

Add a Sound Bar

MyPlayer TV supports the latest sound technology such as Dolby Atmos. Create cross selling opportunities by pairing with a soundbar for a complete home cinema experience. The built-in, dedicated music player ensures customers can become acquainted with all the features & benefits of the product. What speaks louder than a product that can sell itself?  

Smart Audio

Expand the MyPlayer TV experience even further with the use of a smart enabled soundbar that allows MyPlayer TV to take direct control of the device. Form a truly personalised experience without needing to make changes to the soundbars firmware or settings.    

Supported smart audio technology

Always Connected

4G connectivity lets you gain insight into your customer interactions. AB testing is made simple with our online management tool, update and trial content as you see fit. Push promotions and see your customer engagement levels increase in real time. All from the cloud.  


Have a better view on your roll out. Know when the display is up and running in-store. Get instantly notified when displays are not performing correctly.


Showcase promotions on your TV screen. Update them in real-time without having to send teams to store. Increase sales and track your progress.


Identify problems without being in store. Most problems can be fixed remotely. Saving time and money.


Real-time analytics provides insights into your customer behaviour and interactions. Roll out your displays and see the results.

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