High-Resolution audio network player solution

Demo any DLNA speakers with MyDLNA, a software solution that stream High Resolution Audio directly to the speaker for the best possible sound quality, while providing customers total controls over the product as if it was their.

Audio Fidelity

10 times the data, 10 times the audio quality.

Experience the best possible audio quality with MyDLNA. Our technology sends the raw High Resolution Audio direct to the speaker. This means the speaker has full control over how it sounds - as the engineers intended. 

Speakers Controls

Connect any compatible DNLA speakers to experience total control over the products.



Takes direct control over the speakers without requiring any custom speaker firmware or settings.


Power On

Speakers are always ready to play music without requiring them switched on 24/7.


Play Music

Automatically plays music on interaction to create a great first impression.



A default volume is set for every customer ensuring they get the best audio experience.

Min / Max


Fine tune the individual speakers min & max volumes to make it perfect for any store enviroment. 

Auto Reset After Each Customers

Automatically resets the system for each new customer, ensuring an optimum experinece.



Allow users to seamlessly switch between speakers for easy comparison.



Allow users to group speakers and sync them together to experience the multi-room set-up*.

*Additional product integrations required

The Hardware

MyDLNA software is powered by our MyMods 24, an all-in-one unit that works straight out of the box by creating its own 'Home Network'. Eliminating the need for a router reduces costs and hardware. The smaller footprint means it can fit even in the tightest Point of Purchase display designs. 

Push Buttons

Give your customers the controls that they want.

To take advantage of MyDLNA powerful software capabilities, MyMods 24 supports up to 24 push buttons simultaneously. Designed to accommodate single and multiple speakers setup. Don't let the hardware limit your retail vision.

Add a Display

Enhance the experience with visual feedback/ touch interactions.

Connect any display to MyDLNA solution to showcase richer branding materials, album artwork, videos, volume levels and much more. MyDLNA solution also supports touch screen, allowing for more in depth customer experiences.


Clean simple setup

MyDLNA solution is designed to eliminate the needs for complex in-store setups, streamlining installation and maintenance. 

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