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MyPlayer - MyTouch front on with colourful artwork


All-in-one powerful interactive solution built for retail

MyTouch is an interactive platform designed to inform and demonstrate products instore to customers. Powered by our Cloud App Platform, MyTouch can be used to demonstrate products or to showcase product information & simulations to create unique and engaging retail experiences. 

A bright, colourful display

HD screen that makes absorbing information easy on the eyes.

 The screen's bright backlit display will bring your brand and content to life. MyTouch Display is designed to attract and engage. Creating a connection between your customer and product, maximises the sales opportunity.

MyPlayer - MyTouch: showing different sizes ranging from 21.5, 15.6 to 10.1

Seamless product experiences

Live active display. Product learning.

The powerful processor allows you to display full HD videos, interactive content and beautiful animations to fully showcase your products.


Easy integration

Transforms any space into an immersive environment.

MyTouch mounts directly onto display furniture via dedicated mounting points. Designed to work on countertops or wall mounted installations.

MyPlayer - MyTouch: showing hot air escaping through rear ventilation on the display

Built for 24/7

Built for retail.

From the strong exterior, tempered glass, auto power up and superior ventilation, MyTouch is built to last.

MyPlayer platform

Apps that are tried and tested in thousands of locations.

MyPlayer is the only point of purchase platform built around "plug n play" apps that come together to create completely unique in-store experiences. Combined with cloud based services for remote content updates, maintenance and customer data we can offer a reliable package that is proven to increase sales and deliver ROI.


MyPlayer - MyTouch: showing rear connections of the diplays


Power: Auto power up & play.


USB: Automated content updates via USB stick, or expand functionality with our hardware add-ons. Extensive peripheral and accessory connectivity.


Ethernet Port: Data analytics, online content update, online management.

Network functionality - create a home network to use to demo multiroom products. 


HDMI Output: Connect to sound bars, or output visuals to an external display. 


3.5 Audio: Output audio to devices with standard 3.5 audio connection.


Expand audio outputs with our hardware add ons.

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