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Bowers & Wilkins Px8

A blend of top-tier noise-cancelling technology and unparalleled customer experience.

The PX8, B&W’s range-topping wireless noise-canceling headphones are an auditory marvel. You need to hear them to appreciate the level of clarity and insight. Our goal was to ensure customers could enjoy this experience without limitations.

Our display is meticulously crafted to adhere to the rigorous design standards set by JLP (John Lewis & Partnership). The result is a refined and welcoming presentation.

Equipped with our expansive HD Touch10 display, offering an immersive digital journey, paired with our high-resolution audio player MySoundUSB.

Our intelligent POP display is seamlessly integrated with MyProjects, our cloud-based CMS (Content Management System), MDM (Mobile Device Management), and FMS (Field Management System).

Key Features:


  • MySoundUSB

  • Touch 10: HD Interactive Touch Display

  • MyConnect Gateway


  • Dynamic, informative sound demonstrations

  • Inspirational product descriptions

  • Engaging video presentations

  • Comprehensive features and specifications

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