A truly personal in-store experience

QR codes are a super powerful technology that is now supported natively by iOS and Android smartphones.

Simply open the camera app on any smartphone and scan the code. It’s really that simple, and with
50% of customers already using their smartphones to browse in-store it's time to unleash the power of QR.

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Scan and let the magic begin.

As soon as your customer scans the code they are taken to a custom branded experience on their smartphone, that allows them to demonstrate your products and learn about the brand.


Power in the palm of your customer’s hand.

Within the branded experience you can take full control of the display. Simply select the product and music or video you’d like to play and let the product do the talking.


  Experience app like control in-store instantly with no setup or download.

Increase engagement with no barriers to entry. Allow customers to browse from one display to another without having to change the application

they are using.


Optimise content easily.

With the content stored in the cloud it’s super easy to update and optimise with A/B testing and more.


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Customers can demo your products in-store all via their own phone



Customers can be directed to your website to find out more about your products and services

Increased Engagement

Shoppers spend more time instore when using their phone

Easily Updatable Content

Content is stored in the cloud, making updates and optimisation easy

Live Reviews That Create Sales

Content can display reviews about your products helping a purchase decision

Instant Results With No Hassle

Experience app like control in-store instantly with no setup or download

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