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Denon - MyQR

Scan and let the magic begin.

Now in-store customers can have a live demonstration via their smartphone. MyQR provides a personal remote control to the Denon soundbars, controlling the volume, media and so much more.

We know that consumers already use their smartphones to browse in-store. Now Apple and Google have incorporated native QR code readers into their smartphones which has opened the door to more possibilities for brands like Denon. Simply open the camera app on any smartphone and scan the code on the display.

This enables MyQR to provide an app like control in-store instantly with no setup or download. Taking customer experience to a whole new level of engagement and empowerment.

As the customer selects a soundbar on their phone the display in-store will react instantly to their request.

Consumers can also read product information and link to the Currys product website page to help make the right purchase decision or for a take-out browse.

Please see the link for more details of the original sound bar installation here.

UPDATE: DENON HOME Speakers added, see here

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