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Bang & Olufsen - Headphones

Luxurious noise-canceling headphones displayed on POP that sounds as good as it looks.

The Bang & Olufsen brand is known for its beautiful design, materials and sound quality. Our goal was to bring the premium materials used in their products to the display. From the anodised aluminium hoops, to the oak plinths, the display is worthy of the brand.

Featuring our interactive Touch10 display, delivering an unparalleled digital experience complemented by our high-resolution audio player MySoundUSB. In-store customers can immerse themselves in the best of B&O, with captivating digital storytelling and intuitive touch controls for ANC, Transparency, volume adjustment, and more—all at their fingertips. This seamless integration with our brand partners is our hallmark and what we are renowned for.

The smart POP is connected to MyProjects, our cloud CMS (Content Management System), MDM (Mobile Device Management) and FMS (Field Management System).

Key Features:


  • MySoundUSB

  • Touch 10: HD Interactive Touch display

  • MyConnect 4G Gateway


  • Immersive audio demonstration

  • Branded product description pages

  • Engaging branded video content

  • Detailed features & specifications

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