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Jabra - CES 2020

Get personal with the way you hear music at CES 2020 with #Jabra.

We don't stop innovating here at MyPlayer and CES2020 with Jabra is just a small showcase of that. Always pushing and evolving the way we and our customers think and interact with products around us.

For CES2020 we introduce our new MyDial product. An all-in-one retail demonstration unit with intuitive dial controller. Press on the dial to play, press again to skip then rotate to turn up the volume. This simplifies the display helping the customer to focus on the KSP - the listening experience. Find out more here.

MyPlayer technology was used across the whole stand, from the touch display with rich and informative content linked to a TV (for even more eye candy), to push button solutions that have been rolled out globally across 2000+ store locations find out more here.


1. Interactive experience with MyDial + push button

  • Revolution dial controller: press to play/skip, rotate to adjust volume - simplifies the display and helps focus on the listening experience.

  • Customizable MyDial design

  • Works along side our push button solutions

2. Interactive experience with touch screen + TV combo

  • 10 inch touch display

  • TV showing video content which can be triggered to play product videos

  • Explore and truly try out all features and aspect of the headphones

  • Listen to music, try out product key selling points such as Hear-Through (HT) and Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC), with full headphone controls

  • Product catalogue with product info, gallery and colour selection

  • In depth product information via interactive hot-spots

  • Trigger product video to watch on the TV via the touch display

3. Interactive experience with push buttons

  • Truly try out all features and aspect of the headphones

  • Listen to music, try out product key selling point such as Hear-though (HT) and Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC), with full headphones controls

  • Illuminated metallic buttons

#Jabra #CES #MyDial

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