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Bowers & Wilkins - Zeppelin

Beautiful design meets best-in-class customer experience. 

The Zeppelin: a wireless smart speaker redesigned for the streaming era. Our design goal was to fully embody this concept in every aspect of our point-of-sale digital experience.

The display is elegantly crafted and refined, ensuring that the speaker takes center stage for optimal customer demonstration and sound quality.

Featuring our interactive Touch10 display, delivering a superb digital experience complemented by our high-resolution audio player MySoundBar+. Customers in-store enjoy an authentic wireless experience the moment they engage with the display.

The smart POSM is connected to MyProjects, our cloud CMS (Content Management System), MDM (Mobile Device Management) and FMS (Field Management System).

Key Features:


  • MySoundbar+

  • Touch 10: HD Interactive Touch display

  • MyConnect Gateway


  • Immersive audio demonstration

  • Branded product description pages

  • Engaging branded video content

  • Detailed features & specifications


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