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B&O Beosound Stage

A powerful sound bar that brings Bang & Olufsen sound to your own TV.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Stage is the company's first-ever soundbar which can be partnered with any TV! To enhance their impact to market and create something memorable in-store, B&O selected MyPlayer's new MyTouch - An all-in-one powerful interactive solution built for retail.

The powerful 21in variant of the MyTouch invites the customers to try out the BeoSound Stage. Delivering Dolby Atmos Audio, ultra-wide viewing angles and 10-point touch control .

The strong premium metal enclosure is powered by 1 power cable, with input/output (IO) ports built-in. The BeoSound Stage connects with ease in seconds. The premium build quality and air cooling vents ensure the MyTouch system is reliable - reducing downtime - maximising sales opportunities.

The BeoSound Stage floats above the display on an invisible T-Frame that doubles up as security in-store. The tactically placed bar is designed to deliver the best audio performance; by raising the soundbar closer to the customer's ears.

Now simply touch the display and let the spectacular custom built interactive content take customers on a cinematic journey. The clean and clear user interface enables them to experience audio and visual dynamics, dialogue clarity and thundering bass from a selection of great videos & music.

For the tech savvy customers, technical information full of features and lifestyle images are just an interaction away.


  • Featuring MyTouch: An all-in-one powerful interactive solution

  • Large 21.5" touch screen

  • Custom soundbar mounting and security panel

  • Rear input/output (IO) configured to showcase 'soundbar'

  • User centred design

  • Media selection with Dolby Atmos

  • Soundbar volume and play back controls

  • More in depth section with lifestyle images and technical information

  • Available in 8 languages. Configurable via built in setup screen

  • Offline content update via USB

Services Provided

  • Project Management

  • Conceptual / Visualisation

  • Hardware / Software development

  • Prototyping / Iterations

  • Creative / UI / UX

  • GA Drawings

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistical

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