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Denon - Standard Hi-Fi Wall

State-of-the-art amplification technology with the multi-award winning #Denon amplifiers showcased in Dixons retail stores.

In collaboration with Denon, MyPlayer provided an end-to-end solution within 8 weeks in over 120 stores. From design, prototype and manufacture resulting in a rich in-store customer experience.

Simply interact with the MyTouch display to demo each of the Hi-Fi systems and the award winning audio. Touch again to read more about unique features, connections and specifications which help customers make the right purchasing decision.

Connecting the MyTouch with the MyOptical unit enables the demo to deliver High-Resolution Digital Audio via Toslink. This ensures no compromise on the audio output while in-store.

Thanks to our MyConnect 4G service, customer learning, monitoring and remote content delivery is all made possible.


  • Bespoke display using Toslink technology

  • Built-in demo to welcome customers into the experience

  • Playful UI based around award winning sound

  • Seamlessly switch between different Hi-Fi Systems

  • Dedicated product pages with clean visual and key product features

  • Automatic volume reset after each customer

  • Data collection and analytics with MyAnalyser

  • Compliance monitoring with MyMonitor

  • Remote (online) content update with MyContent

  • 4G internet connectivity with MyConnect

Services Provided

  • Project Management

  • Conceptual / Visualisation

  • Hardware / Software development

  • Prototyping / Iterations

  • GA Drawings

  • Manufacturing

  • Installation

  • Data reporting

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