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The #LG XBOOM AI ThinQ Speaker with the Google Assistant meets Meridian, the pioneer of high-resolution audio. Ask the Google Assistant questions and tell it to do things. Enjoy audio performance that guarantees an exceptional listening experience.

In a collaboration with LG, MyPlayer has developed a bespoke product to demo the WK7 speaker. Using the demo mode incorporated into the speaker, our solution can trigger music tracks and Google functionality on the speaker by sending it custom commands. Designed and built in house by our techies - the result is a reliable system built on time and to spec.


  • Bespoke media control system to demo the speaker

  • A selection of music tracks

  • Dedicated Google Assistant demo

  • Play, pause and volume control

  • Adjustable timeout period

  • Boot on power

  • Illuminated metallic buttons

Hands-on video


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