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Yamaha - HiFi Wall

Introducing the #Yamaha HiFi MusicCast Bay, powered by MyTouch Solution. Putting a fresh spin on vinyl.

From concept to prototyping to manufacture, MyPlayer provided an end-to-end solution.

The display design and customer experience is inspired by music in your home, bringing the living room into the store's environment.

Vinyl records outsold CDs in 2019 for the first time in 40 years, so it's no surprise Yamaha has released their new MusicCast Vinyl 500. Game-changing wireless turntable designed for a new generation of audiophiles.

To showcase the Vinyl 500 MusicCast multi-room capabilities, which enable customers to share the joy of their record collection in any room. MyPlayer has provided an intuitive touch user interface, allowing customers to stream music to different types of speaker systems on the display.

Using MyPlayer's platform which integrates with MusicCast's API, MyPlayer is able to delivery an instant experience, streaming audio to either the Stereo paired MusicCast 20s, MusicCast MCR-N570D or the MusicCast R-N402D.

A customer can explore further using the Touch Display by learning about key features, colours and specifications when the sales assistant is not available.

Thanks to our MyConnect 4G service, customer learning, monitoring and remote content delivery is all made possible.


  • Bespoke display

  • Built-in demo to welcome customers into the experience

  • Playful UI based around the movement of vinyl players

  • Seamless audio switching between the different setups

  • Dedicated product page with clean visuals and key product features

  • Automatic volume reset after each customer

  • Data collection and analytics with MyAnalyser

  • Compliance monitoring with MyMonitor

  • Remote (online) content update with MyContent

  • 4G internet connectivity with MyConnect

Services Provided

  • Project Management

  • Conceptual / Visualisation

  • Hardware / Software development

  • Creative / UI / UX

  • Prototyping / Iterations

  • GA Drawings

  • Manufacturing

  • Installation

  • Data reporting

Interactive Content

POP Design Development

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