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Danfoss Eco™ - An Online Experience

#Danfoss, the company that invented the world’s first radiator thermostat has added the Danfoss Eco™ to its product lineup. Danfoss Eco™ is the stand-alone smart radiator thermostat that gives you easy in-home control of each individual radiator.

In a collaboration with Retailistic, we created a unique interactive journey for customers to "Try out" the product with an emphasis on storytelling. We wanted to create an experience that shows how easy it is to install and use the Danfoss Eco™, allowing them to follow the onscreen instructions by interacting with key elements to advance along the story line.


  • Informative interactive website experience

  • Compatible across multiple platforms, including mobiles

  • Website hosting and management

Live Demo

Try the Danfoss Eco™ for yourself:


Story telling:

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