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HP - Sprocket Printer - EMEA

Touch the display to take a selfie, add filters, stickers and then print all in-store! Live it, love it, print it.

We helped designed an interactive digital solution to inform consumers about the great features of the mini Sprocket printer. Giving in-store customers a real demo by simulated HP studio app and digital printing experience.

MyPlayer in-house development and content team made it possible for HP to deliver their ambitious goal of allowing in-store customers to take photos, play and print. A fully simulated and interactive HP photo app was rebuilt by the MyPlayer team, linking two displays seamlessly to deliver a one of a kind demonstration.

Touch to print. Customers are invited to use the 10in display to take photos and use the (simulated) HP photo editing suit to make fun photos. These photos can then be digitally printed on the larger 15in display, perfectly position to give the impression that the print is coming from the real HP Sprocket.

The experience to engages consumers further with learn more, visual features and services details to inform the user in a clear and concise way of the benefits of this mini printer.

Clean and simple in appearance with a 10in & 15in interactive touch display featuring a wooden fascia complete with the HP logo which reinforces a consistent identity for the brand.

We created a flexible and digital solution via MyProjects that includes data tracking capabilities. Being able to capture statistics such as dwell time and customer journey that gives HP ROI and the insight to tailor their content according.

MyProjects remote content updates can then be utilised to support new product launches, range refreshes and even adapt to social/seasonal trends, resulting in cost effective and efficient marketing.

Sustainability HP’s mission to change POP displays to drive a more efficient, and lower their carbon footprint. Changing to a more digital direction is not only more cost effective and efficient but by updating existing POP displays, opposed to replacing them, will not only reduce waste but we reduce the environmental impacts related with the materials and visiting stores.




  • Real time selfies and print outs directly on the display

  • Informative interactive journey across two touch displays

  • MyTouch 10" & MyTouch 15" touchscreen display

  • Available in multiple languages

  • Data collection and analytics with MyProjects MyAnalyser

  • Compliance monitoring with MyProjects MyMonitor

  • Remote (online) content update with MyProjects MyContent

  • 4G internet connectivity with MyProjects MyConnect

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