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Ring - Retail 2.0

The next level of retail in-store engagement for Ring is here. Rolling out to hundreds of different retailers across Europe.

Ring is fulfilling the need to bring information to the customer when they want it and this new retail display is part of that success story.

Presenting to the consumer an amazing, rich and intuitive way via an interactive journey that showcases all benefits of the ring line-up. Learn about the product, services & what's new. While still showcasing the physical products in a way that allows customers to touch, feel and play.

In collaboration with #Retailistic the display goes one step further and gives the customer real life scenarios and in store demonstration with great interactive storytelling.

The end result provides a two way communication, not only can the customer learn about Ring products, but Ring can learn about the consumer. Using the MyProjects platform Ring have the power to optimise the experience by using the data captured.



Story telling:

User Experience Design

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