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Hive - Connected Home PoS

Let the customer take control.

New and smarter technologies in connected products can be difficult to showcase without allowing customers to fully interact and experience as if the product was connected to their home.

MyPlayer delivers this to #Hive, by providing an interactive display which instantly simulates the Hive experience. This is used to promote purchasing and give access to the information on the key selling points which traditionally would have been missed.

MyPlayer helps address common customers questions and benefits regarding connected home technology, which helps inspires emotional buy-in.

The display was deployed to Dixons and Maplin Stores in the UK.

UPDATE: Winner of the Silver POPIA Award 2016

Key features

  • The rebuilt retail-friendly version of the Hive app

  • (Simulate) change heating and water temperature

  • Schedule settings and holiday events

  • Reset setup after each customer

  • Looping product video when idle


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