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Panasonic - MyTV

#Panasonic's OLED televisions and Sound Bars featuring HDR10+, Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos rich interactive content from the power of MyTV.

Panasonic has selected MyTV to be deployed across John Lewis stores so customers can try out the advantages and features of their products.

MyTV secures to the back of any TV by using the existing wall mounting fixture points (VESA), without the need for custom furniture and fittings. Easily transform any Panasonic TVs into live interactive experiences allowing customers to demo the TV without the need for a member of staff.

A customer focused design. Traditionally the TV demonstration consists of only a TV remote which can be too complicated and then misplaced, or an integrated button solution which is too low and uncomfortable for a customer. MyTV is better ergonomically, creating an experience which is designed to increase engagement, dwell time and sales.


  • MyTV mounts onto the back of any TV by using the existing VESA

  • Compatible with HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content

  • Switch between different visual content

  • Switch audio between the TV and soundbar

  • Volume controls for TV and soundbar

  • Smart Illuminated push buttons

  • Automatic volume reset after each customer

  • Resume looping video after inactivity

Find out more about MyTV here


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