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Ring - Video Doorbells

See who's there with #Ring. Answer the door and check in on your home at anytime from anywhere. Whether you’re in the garden or halfway around the world, peace of mind is always at your fingertips.

In another collaboration with #Retailistic , we've created a unique interactive journey to showcase Ring products in a way that is made possible by MyTouch interactive displays. Using videos and audio we've crafted a journey to showcase different scenarios of how the product can be used in everyday situations. Videos that are interactive and informative, it guides the customer through scripted events, promoting user interactions at key stages to mimic what it'd be like to own the product.

MyMonitor plays an essential role in the project, providing key state holders an overview of the project, ensuring that displays are installed when and where they should have been. MyAnalyser provides insights on how customers are interacting with the display. Knowledge such as the most popular products and days/times that have the most interactions.


  • Informative interactive journey

  • MyTouch 21.5" touchscreen display

  • Available in 3 languages

  • Data collection and analytics with MyAnalyser

  • Compliance monitoring with MyMonitor

  • Remote (online) content update with MyContent

  • 4G internet connectivity with MyConnect


Story telling:

Hands-on video


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