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Yamaha Av Wall 2018

Introducing the new Yamaha AV display!

The setup is currently installed across one of the UK’s largest retail chains #DixonsCarphone

At MyPlayer we worked in collaboration with Yamaha with a simple goal in mind. To engage with Yamaha customers in-store to create a cinematic experience.

Clean layout and design that heroes the products. An easy to use UI / UX customisable surround sound system demonstrable multi-room audio.

The great feature about these products is that you can mix and match. Not only to create multi room music experience but also to create true surround sound.

SaaS Platform


  • Customise your perfect surround sound system

  • Add Subwoofer, Left and Right and rears dynamically

  • Demo multi-room audio through the interactive home visual

  • Play a selection of blockbuster movies

  • Play a selection of of top music 


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