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Yamaha MusicCast - European Rollout

In an era of retail that provides customers with unparalleled access to product comparison, it is more important than ever to stand out from competitors. #Yamaha understood this and adopted the MyPlayer software for its proven success in delivering captivating, high-quality audio demonstrations at the point of sale.

#MyAnalyser Data connectivity equips Yamaha with a clear view of their roll out. Remotely, team members are able to see which displays are up and running in store and will be instantly notified if a display is not performing correctly.

Each display captures all customer journey analytics in real time which provides Yamaha with an in-depth understanding and insights into their customer’s behaviours and interactions through scheduled data reports.

Content such as videos, promotions and pricing can be updated via the cloud which dramatically reduces the running costs by reducing the need to visit the store.      


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